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My passion are guided meditations and interdimensional journeys, with a focus on planetary healing and on the awakening of the highest potential for all on the collective consciousness level. As we entered 2014, I incorporated both in personal healing sessions and thus the Adventures in Consciousness was born.

All the sessions have one thing in common - letting go of our fears, any sense of lack, mistrust of ourselves and others and all the emotions that make us feel we are less then what we are or what we can become. We create a blank canvas, a new starting point, from which we create something new, a new reality based on love, peace and harmony, not just as an ideal, but in our day-to-day experience. Together we step into the unknown and expand into the source consciousness. We become one with the Source, with all that is, and then we look back on our present reality with the eyes of unconditional love and we birth our selves anew. We awaken to the realization that we are LOVE.

Personal sessions are hands on healing sessions, where the client is laying on a massage table. Chakra and aura cleansing is followed be clearing of the emotional and mental body. Then we go together on a journey in consciousness. See Phone/Online session description - $80 per session.

Phone/Online sessions - One hour session - $80 incl. MP3

You will be guided on an Adventure and Inner Journey with focus on Expansion of Consciousness and Soul Integration as tools for Self-healing.

Our intention will be to let go of any remaining fears and all of the emotional imprinting and mental programming. You will release the past, your Story and create a blank canvas, a new starting point, from which you create something new - a magical, colorful, exciting reality based on Love, Joy, Truth, Freedom and Conscious Co-creation.

The Temple of Light in our heart space is our multidimensional playground and command control. Here you meet various aspects of yourself and experience your self not only as a pure Spirit, but also as a unified energy field. You will taste, meet and anchor your True Self and your Soul Essence.

In these sessions, you receive a multitude of activations and upgrades and ignite your Life Force and Inner Sun. YOU become the Source of All that Is. By bringing in the Love and Light of who you are, you embark on a journey of self-healing, rejuvenation and transformation from a dense physical body into the Light Body. By bringing in ALL that you are, you step into mastery and realization that YOU are the Creator of your reality, on an individual and collective level! By expanding into the Source Consciousness you will be able to see your life anew, from a new perspective - as a Divine Plan, as perfection, as CHOICE!

There is nothing to do but be, be who you are - a Divine Human Being! Awake, aware and ALIVE! Vibrating at the frequency of Joy, embodying your Ultimate Potential.

Thank you for allowing me to be of assistance in this very special way!

Are you ready to schedule a session?

1. Click the "Donate" button to make your payment - $80
2. After you submit your payment, please email me to schedule your session:
Include email subject: Schedule private session. Please include your time zone and location and preferred
time for us to connect. Every session starts and ends with a two-way video unless you are calling from a
phone. Session itself is in audio only mode. Email me if you have any questions.


If you have the means to help me be of service to all those who sincerely desire to transform their lives - including those who do not currently have the financial means to pay for a session, please consider donating, no matter how small or large the amount!


The video below is a recording of one of my "one on one" sessions offered in the past, it is from 2016. Much expansion has happened since, both on the personal and collective levels, which will be reflected in present-day sessions. I have omitted all personal info. It will give you an idea of what to expect. No two sessions are alike. You may also want to check out some of the videos/guided meditations on my YouTube channel:




Transformational Healing
The Journey from Separation to Oneness

This is a 3 hours on-demand video course, which can be purchased on Udemy, an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 100,000 courses and 24 million students:

Transformational Healing is a experiential journey with focus on expansion of consciousness, soul integration, healing of all layers of Self and activation of the creative potential.

This course will assist you in becoming the best version of yourself. The journey of self-healing is a discovery about how you got to where you are - and how to get back to the Authentic Self. As you let go of the need to be anywhere, other than where you are, as you let go of the need to be anyone, other than who you are, in those moments, you do become who you want to be and you do have the power to create what you want to create. Once you are in perfect alignment with ALL THAT YOU ARE, your body's self-healing abilities are activated.

This gentle work goes beyond emotional and mental healing, as the flow of cosmic energies will sweep through your subconscious and unconscious and wash away all the toxicity accumulated over lifetimes of living in duality. When you let go, an amazing thing happens; there is an abundant amount of room for growth and change! Allowing yourself the freedom to experience the joy of moving forward, you will wonder why you chose to hold onto it for as long as you have.

Join me on this journey of personal transformation. Awaken your inner potential by accelerating your practice with the help of meditation. Step into your Mastery as a Conscious Creator of your reality!


Group sessions are all about working with unified energy fields and holograms. We start with focusing on our own bodies, our own energy field, then we expand into the group, merging on the quantum particle level. We continue expanding, being one with the unified energy field of our community. The majority of the group work is done right here on the community level, creating a pocket of life, an energy field of healing and an intersection of dimensions. As we do that we are birthing a new just society based on unity, equality and unconditional love. Often we go on interdimensional journeys as a tool to expand into the galactic consciousness. Every session ends with expansion into the unified energy field of the planet, all her kingdoms and all of humanity. One for all and all for one. We share our own level of expansion with the collective consciousness knowing that each of us is a part of this hologram called Earth.

“A personal session with Ariana”

As Watsu takes us back into the womb, Ariana's Transformational Healing gives us a re-birth into a new life, free from the shackles of the past and where the uncertainty of the future becomes irrelevant. A new life filled with the presence of endless LOVE and LIGHT, for ourselves and everything around us.
If everyone could experience this Transformational Healing, our Mother Planet Earth would be saved and everybody and everything would enjoy eternal Love and Light, in every moment into eternity.
This has always been our intent, our birth vision and our collective world vision, for our time here on Earth. This Transformational Healing helps us re-awaken to what we have always known, helping us to connect with each passing moment and so, the transition to who we truly are becomes natural and easy. Michelle Locher, Taos, NM

"Guided Meditations With Ariana"

A crystal singing bowl takes you deeper than words alone can lead you, going into the depths beyond the words. Here is where you find what you didn't know you needed to experience. The words of the guided meditation set the stage, but we leave the words behind as we unhook our mind from our day-to-day focus on ourselves and open to Spirit, the unknown, the emptiness of the Void, but always a form of Love. When we come back, we sit quietly and enjoy the memories of our experiences, perhaps discuss and process our recent time in No Time, Emptiness, or the fullness of other Realities. Mike Two Bears, Arroyo Seco, NM

 "Phone/Online sessions with Ariana"

My Adventure in consciousness with Ariana took me deep into places within myself long forgotten. I immediately felt a lightness I could only dream of existing in, guided by her beautiful voice I forgot my form entirely. I felt the energy we all exist as and I floated through eternity with her guidance. It helped me come back to my world not with regret for the dullness of existence, but with the peace and hope that this world of our everyday existence can become a world of love and peace if we can learn truly what we are. Ariana gave me the power to travel there and see the truth before my eyes. Mike Romano, Santa Cruz, CA

A Master of Consciousness Awakening, my personal experience with Ariana is feeling of Oneness and Pure Joy. If one has experienced the mystical in some way, there is a knowing that there is more than this physical reality….we awaken to the truth that we are multidimensional beings, trusting our intuition and saying Yes to Love without conditions. Her gentle and love filled voice awakens our soul and opens our hearts, removing any illusions of separateness. Joseph Candia, Strasbourg, France


Taos City of Light


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