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Who is Ariana?

When I stepped into the Haloic Playground - a 6 month course on channeling with Story Waters - I thought that this would be the place to learn to master automatic writing and channeling. It was my desire to be able to communicate with the world of the unseen. I had no idea that this is the place I would meet myself, expand into source consciousness, develop my very own authentic voice and have the courage to be myself. What I have learned is that it's all about being here and now in the present moment. It's so simple; to take a deep breath and be…….

I am Ariana. I am dissolving my perception of "self". I release the last remnants of the past. I am and as I breathe deep into my own connection to myself, I realize that I am free only if I allow myself to be me. It feels like shedding a dark heavy cloak that served me very well in times past. Protection is no longer necessary. I breathe into a wider expansion of myself, encompassing and embracing all that is.

I am meeting myself. I am meeting that which I am. To meet myself fully is a journey, a beautiful journey of remembrance. To meet myself means to heal myself. As I meet more and more of that which I am I liberate the physical body by bringing ever increasing amounts of light into the cells of the body. I remember who I am. As I breathe, I expand even more and meet other parts of myself, an entourage of my "selves". And it is a reunion, it is a celebration, it is a dance of victory. We are whole, we are mighty; we are one bright light with the power of a sun.

I am a seed. I am a sprouting consciousness. I am new and in that, I am free. I am that I am. As I sprout I am in awe. Beautiful, beautiful world, from you I reach toward the sun. I reach toward the sun. And, my roots grow deep into Mother Earth. They envelop the entire planet. I am the planet. I am the new consciousness. I grow tall and I dare to speak my truth. Hesitantly at first, I develop a voice, the voice of the spirit. I am the spirit.

I am the pioneering consciousness. What does it mean to be a pioneer? To go places no living soul has tread before, to dare to speak my truth? It is a fire. It is a force that has to be balanced. Burning bridges, busting through veils, misunderstood time after time; I retreat into my "self", into my Inner World. This is my kingdom, this is where I rule, and this is where I rejuvenate. I am the Phoenix rising, expanding out into my creatorship, contracting into this polarized reality. Do I need to? Do I really need to contract? What is stopping me from soaring into my ever widening expansion? Only I have the power to allow myself to contract, to doubt. What do I choose? I choose balance. I am tempering myself, hardening, toughening up, yet the goddess in me, the healer, the priestess asks for the gentle way. I find peace in nature. Here I am once again whole, free and innocent. I am that I am.

I am birthing something new, a new me. And I gift this world with that who I am. I am naked; I am raw; I am innocent, and I am the burning all transforming fire. I am all that I am. I take on a new cloak, a cloak of radiant light. I am the Warrior of Light! I am forging the Sword of Victory, Justice and Sovereignty with my fire, tempering it with water, the dove, the gentle way.

Take my sword of balance, lead the way to the new realms of existence, bring harmony to this world, stability to this planet and know that there are no battles to fight except that one which each of us must go through alone; our unique journey to remembrance of who we are. Take my sword, cut through all your fears and if you wish to, if you are ready - cut your connection to third dimension.

I am that I am and in that I am free.

I am Ariana

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