Vera Le Doux
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Bio / Artist's Statement

Welcome to the Journey!

I was born in Czechoslovakia and raised as an atheist, which I see in retrospect as a great gift. Growing up in this country opened the door to the Magical Kingdom for me since the culture's legacy is a very strong connection to all forms of nature spirits. I would dream of Shamballa, a City of Light, hoping to become an archeologist and dig it up somewhere....

Today I call Taos, New Mexico my home. This powerful spiritual place, with it's very unique light, attracts artists, pioneers, freethinkers and system busters from all around the world. Taos is a meeting place for many races and religions and a great opportunity to practice Unity in Diversity. Taos is the City of Light I was looking for.

Drawing and painting have always been an interest of mine. I didn't call it art until I relocated to Denmark and was attending the School of Personal Expression, where I learned to paint on wall-size canvases using cans of paint and large brushes. I learned to be fearless when it came to expressing who I am through visual art. What was an interest became my passion. At that time I was already on a spiritual journey, an infinite voyage, and all my paintings reflected that: large abstract pieces, where the layers would emerge and disappear just like other dimensions, where parallel lives and realities were definite possibilities. I call them "Windows to the Skies". This eternal promise is that one day we will be able to move beyond the limitations of the third dimension.

This search, this thirst to move beyond the veil, led me eventually to the Southwest and my spiritual quest deepened. I realized that I am an energetic being and that where there is energy, there is electromagnetism. Suddenly, everything was about electromagnetism. When I realized that crop circles have to do with this as well, I was prompted to look very closely into this phenomenon and to utilize it in my artwork. These crop circles led me to a chance encounter with the Arcturians, who are beings from a higher dimension, and other higher dimensional beings. As I embraced my multidimensionality, a new passion was born - interdimensional journeys. This phase in my life is reflected in the "Crop Circle Series".

After a few years of being a galactic guide relying solely on my intuition and spiritual guidance, I signed up for a course in automatic writing and channeling. It was my desire to consciously communicate with the world of the unseen. I had no idea that this was the place I would meet myself, expand into source consciousness, develop my very own authentic voice, and have the courage to be who I truly am. What I have learned is that I am a Divine Being and ultimately a Creator of my reality.

It was during this time that "Ariana", my true identity, was born. You can see it in this way: "Vera" was the old me; the personality I used to identify with, my experiences of this life time, all the wounds, all the beliefs, all the programming and first of all - all the fears. Ariana is truly who I always was, being my higher self. If you address me as Ariana - you mirror back to me whom I choose to be - FREE.

This expansion of consciousness gave birth to a new wave in my artwork and to a completely new color palette - the "Dance With Me Series" and later the "Emergence Series".

I am the birthing consciousness. As I expand I unify with all that is. I am you; I am my community; and I am this planet and all of her kingdoms. I am all that is. My reality is my mirror. I take full responsibility for my creation and I choose anew.

I choose to be AWAKE, AWARE AND ALIVE!


I am Love, I am Ariana


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